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Exposed Colleague : Jason (3) **

I saw a lot of Jason throughout the summer. He said had a very open relationship with his girlfriend and had told Samantha about the massage I had given him, although I wondered whether he had mentioned every aspect of it. Because is was warm, he always slept on top of the bed, which meant I could always look across at his perfect buttocks. We never went through the process of a massage again - I would simply slip my hand between his cheeks and gently finger him, which always resulted in him having an orgasm within a couple of minutes without me ever touching him anywhere else, and neither of us ever spoke or referred to the matter. It was a ritual which continued even when we caught the train to the Riviera one weekend.


The sessions only came to an end when I was posted back to London - a move which corresponded with me getting a promotion and therefore becoming Jason's boss. It seemed inappropriate for us to socialise after that but we always had our little secret. I did sometimes wonder whether Samantha was able to make him have an orgasm the way I did.

Photographed by KJM
Paris and Cannes

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