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Shaun Liu Xia - beauty of Chinese face

Coming up next with a Chinese amateur model Shaun Liu Xia. In this collection, Shaun Liu Xia shows of his solid beauty of a Asian face. Digging more about him should be hard work because of Chinese language barrier, but this hot man's image should be popular in China. He is not only able to show expression, but also the body language. That means Shaun Liu Xia could be professional model someday. Look!

Joem Bascon - gorgeous Pinoy actor

If you're into Filipino men, then this could be one of your favorite. Joem Bascon, an actor who joint entertainment industry because it's said that he's got appearance very similar with Piolo Pascual (one of my article in this blog) and Sam Milby (I'm planning for the next post) - two other celebrities in Philippine. And in fact, it's true when you see all three of them. Of cause I won't do something that I already did, the most impressive of pictures that you're looking is how beautiful it is. Joem Bascon appeared very handsome, gorgeous body in attractive figure. Marvelous!

Ketut Arnawa - beautiful body of an Indonesian man

Ketut Arnawa is fitness athlete in Bali. Not only being a hot muscle guy who won in Fitness Competition in Indonesia, also he's model for commercial photos. This collection includes the series of his sexy and beautiful shirtless pictures, taken by
Benny Tong Photography

Sarawut Martthong - Thai hunk in naughty collection

Sarawut Martthong is Thai actor who became more famous since 2008 with self recorded sex tape leaked on internet. I don't expect that this post will show you something new, but it's the full collection of his hottest photos you can found (also with the series I called "festish") - kinda hot and sexy.