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Desi Delight : Hardial (2) **

After his initial visit for a photographic session, Hardial would call round about one a week and, if it got late, he would sleep over on the sofa. I always took photographs of him - some more successful than others, depending on whether or not he had been smoking some illicit substance. He needed a little to relax, but too much and he lost the sparkle in his eyes - which was one of his most photogenic assets. He drifted in and out of different jobs and, when his father died, he went to India to scatter the ashes in the River Ganges. And then, without any explanation, he stopped calling round and I thought he might have stayed with his relatives in India.


Three years later, Hardial suddenly turned up again and it was good to see him. He had changed quite dramatically - he had a steady job, he was no longer smoking weed, he was obviously eating a lot more, and he was married with a daughter. Furthermore, he was happy for me to take photographs of him naked, which was something he had never previously allowed. It was a shame he had not allowed me to take artistic shots of him when he had a toned physique.


But the biggest change, and the biggest surprise, came when his wife was pregnant again - and he was always in a horny mood. He would lie on my sofa and watch the blue movies he brought round on DVD, and .....

Photographed at home by KJM
Feltham - Middlesex

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Cool Blog : The Darker Boys (encore)

Yet again I feel compelled to sing the praises of this wonderful blog. He has the soul of a poet and always posts the most amazing selection of photographs - nude but not crude - depicting the beauty of the male. I urge everyone to have a look and to become a follower to encourage him. He tells me that he wants to start taking his own photographs and I cannot wait to see what he produces. 
Click on the following link to see more of his wonderful selections:



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Desi Delight : Hardial (1) **

I met Hardial, who called himself Terry, whilst walking a neighbour's dog in the local park. He had a certain rough charm, so invited him back to my place to have some photographs taken. I took the dog back and then, because I had forgotten my keys, climbed in through a bedroom window and let Hardial in the front door. About five minutes later there was a loud knocking on the door. Someone had seen me climbing through the window and thought I was a burgler, so they had called the police. 


The incident with the police calling round almost made Hardial leave immediately. But fortunately he stayed, and then he began to call round quite frequently to see me.

Photographed at home by KJM
Feltham - Middlesex

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