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Desi Hostel Warden

These photographs were sent by a reader - this is his story:

"From the day I joined the hostel I fantasised about the warden. He is an Indian Muslim with a hot body and he is very straight - married with four kids. These photos were taken when he was sloshed one night (he loves to drink but didn't have any money for booze, so I got a bottle of whiskey for him). When he was drunk I asked him to strip and pose and he happily did it, although he was conscious enough not to allow me to touch his dick. I love his hot thick masculine body and pecs. I couldn't take more pictures as he started feeling uncomfortable and had to leave, but I will always cherish these pics as it is the first time that a straight guy stripped for me."

I can understand the excitement he felt, although I don't necessarily agree with him getting his warden drunk !!

What do other readers think?
Do you have stories of your own you want to share?

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Bangla Boy : Sayed **

Photographed at home by KJM
Bethnal Green - East London

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