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A miscellaneous collection of Asian men

This post won't come up with a particular Asian man, it comes from many sources: magazines, famous photographers who worked with Asian male model, or just a hot guy from internet.

First, a hot model at Men's Health Indonesia. His name is "I Made Agus Suarjana". Great body with a shining smile...

Two hot models in Chinese Men's Style

An unknown hot muscular man from Internet, somewhere...

An hottie with perfect shape from Noire3000 photography

A beautiful pic of a beautiful Asian guy from Walter Parada

And the last, 2 pics from Tommy Wu Photography.

Xue Shuai - new handsome Chinese model

Xue Shuai - a new face - has started his modeling on Chinese catwalk. With height 6.2ft and such a well-proportioned body shape, this hottie is going to be a famous model in China. This post will show you the most beautiful pictures of this guy. Enjoy!

Jian Leonardo - a professional International model

With a beautiful face for an Asian model, Jian Leonardo is now seeking for worldwide modeling work. He's already appeared in GQ, Men's Vogue, VanityFair, Maxim, Details, Rollingstone, ESPN, Men's Uno... and also in D&G, JPG, DKNY, CK fashion show. Curious about him? Go to his official site or his Friendster profile to see more sexy pictures.

Hoang Duc Tien - another type of Asian beauty

This is another hot Vietnamese guy I would like to show on Hot Asian guys blog. Hoang Duc Tien currently is the top Vietnamese model (also an actor in Vietnamese TV shows). I'm not sure for my eyes but I think he's got a special beauty, very different with other Vietnamese men I know. However, he's absolutely a hot Asian guy. Check this out!

Too bad! There are no sexier pics for you (It seems Asian celebrities still not ready to show off their body - or they show somewhere else :D)

A hot Vietnamese showcase

Update: From 2 comments corrected me about this model (His name is Le Minh Hieu), I changed this post's title and label. Thank you guys! Love your comments.

More pictures of this hot hunk from internet you can click here, here, or here

Original: What is the best thing in this set? It could be a sexy shirtless Asian model with 6 packs, and the worst thing is Photoshop background. Dam! Why didn't they just make a simple background for this sexy boy in their photos? I don't get it.

Jericho Rosales - attractive Filipino guy

Celebrity Jericho Rosales (full name Jericho Vibar Rosales) is one of the most attractive man in Philippine. By archiving huge awards collection (best actor, best performance), Jericho Rosales proves himself as a talented artist. This gallery will give you the evidence of how hot he is, and no doubt girls always go crazy about him.

This is one of his clips - "Beautiful in my eyes" - it's all about a beautiful man with beautiful voice. I think he looks even better in photos for sure...