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Hot Asian guy - just beautiful body

Another great Asian man with hot hunky body. In these pictures, the man hides his face to show how amazing of his body front of the camera. Just beautiful Asian man!

Kurt Chou - hot boy with perfect beauty

With the unique beauty for an Asian boy, Kurt Chou is the best model in China for commercial. He is busy boy with many contracts for advertising products, mostly in clothing.

This boy must be one of the hottest boy on my blog and I think most of you can not ignore. His lovely face is so delicious with innocent eyes. Let's enjoy his beauty in this collection...

And in shirtless moments as usual...

Cheng Qian - nice body in jean and briefs

From a Chinese blog http://blog.sina.com.cn/xssy with a collection of huge and muscle man (I have no idea about these guys here - absolutely depend on people's style), I just pick up only one model that I think he looks best. This Chinese boy has good looking face and nice body. Let's see him show off on camera by this collection.

Another hot muscular Asian guy

This is one of the hottest Asian model in Jeffsheng photographer collection. I choose this one because he is not only having a well muscle shape, but also having a nice face that you should like.

Johnny Tri Nguyen - hot Vietnamese "kungfu actor"

Johnny Tri Nguyen actually started his acting in US as a television actor and a stunt double (best known in Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2). But he became more famous when he comes back Vietnam and being a hero in movie called Rebel (released in 2006) (I did watch this movie and he has very good kungfu).

This guy has great look for movie, very impressive with Asian eyes and beautiful beard style. Check out his most recent photos at his Facebook.

And this is one pic from his latest movie. It's hot, isn't it?