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Cafe Chronicles : Awakening **

Starbucks might be more famous, but my favourite place for a decent cup of coffee is Caffè Nero. When I am based in central London I usually call into the branch adjacent to my office three or four times a day. 

Some of my photographs were used in the company's brochures and, although I knew the owner of the company quite well, I eventually knew some of his staff much better. It was a great place to sit and relax and indulge in one of my favourite hobbies - people watching.


Most of the staff were Italian and the first people to come to my place to have some portraits taken were Fabrizio and his girlfriend Martina.


When Fabrizio showed the photographs to his colleagues, several of them asked if they could also have some taken. Paulo was very insistent so I met him after work one afternoon and took him home. On the way to my place he explained that he only wanted some portraits taken so he could give them to his girlfriends. However, he did not need much persuasion to pose for more artistic shots.



A couple of days later, when I gave him copies of the photographs I had taken, he was so vain that he put them into a folder and showed not only all his colleagues, but even some of the customers who came into the cafe.

Photographed at home and in the cafe by KJM

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