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Cintanya's reply to the critics

This photograph of Cintanya, which I posted on 7 April, and a link to this blog, 
was published on a Malaysian site called Uncleseekers under the heading:
Kenapa Kaum Gay and Bi Semakin Membiak?
Sekali terjebak memang sukar untuk pulih
Tergamakkah anda menontoton video dan gambar-gambar link dibawah?

Since then, I have had thousands of extra visits to my site and Cintanya has become one of the most popular posts. To thank the people who spend hours and hours searching on the internet for sites they do not like or agree with, I thought I would post this just for them.

If you would like to see MORE of Cintanya, leave me a comment and I will post them soon 

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