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Two "Yap"s - good looking Malaysian gentlemen

Owen Yap (full name Owen Yap Khiam Hong) started lately in 2000 as a newscaster at 8TV's Mandarin news (yeap, he speaks Chinese)but quickly established himself with international brands (Marc Jacobs, Dunhill, Gucci and DKNY). In their show, he appeared both as a model and an emcee. This gentleman has an intelligent face, also hot and famous in Malaysia.

His smile is beautiful, and even I got no shirtless pic of him (believe me, I tried very hard to find), but with what you'll see after, his shape must be good (or good enough to be a model :D )

Another Malaysian gentlemen here is Steve Yap. He worked as roles of modeling and acting in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. I've heard that currently he starts doing businesses. But whatever it is, he is absolutely a hot, sexy hunk Malaysian I've known (you will see more sexy picture of him at Asian Heartthrob)

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